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Is dead. If ever it was alive in the first place.

It has a good name an a few interesting people. It could be really good.

I've trawled the backlog of posts and bumped what I think have been the most interesting topics to date.

I'll make one last ditch attempt to increase traffic then I'm out. I'd ask anyone to take this opportunity to get other people involved, Link from their facebooks etc.

An try an keep the "New Posts" clear of inane shit like animes or favourite pokemon characters. At least for a couple weeks.

Might be an Idea to remove that huge ass advert from your sig Dan, People won't like it looking like your trying to sell them stuff.

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I am always trying to sell people stuff, but to be fair, if that was the only reason for this exercise, then I'd put it as an integeral part of the design instead. And the development of this site won't fund itself.

On an unrelated note, the software is the focus, the community is dead, which is a shame, but since we're here to develop the software, that's why the site remains. But I'll see what I can do to get people back.

I don't remember there being many anime or pokemon threads?


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Your problem here seems to be that almost your entire demographic lurk in the same IRC channel on a daily basis. Run a denial of service on Lennier and the problem solves itself!

Alternately, make a section for discussion of hentai. Cat will be on here in five seconds flat, and never leave.