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Welcome to FileSheep, a forum software development project.

FileSheep php bulletin board is a development offshoot from ACMS. The key goals with FileSheep are;

  • To build a fully functional forum software that is as quick and efficent as possible.
  • To rebuild the former community that inspired the project.
  • To innvoate in terms of how forums work.
  • To have fun.

Please click here to view the changelog for new features and development updates!


Sheep is the lead developer of ACMS and FileSheep. Responsible for the core coding and back-end, Sheep is the driving force behind FileSheep's internal workings. His genius and talent is the source of the project and without him and his awesomeness, Project FileSheep would just be "Project FileTrekker's phpbb3 forum that sucks balls".

FileTrekker is the graphic designer, tester, community leader, web host and general dogsbody. He does stuff sometimes, but not as much as Sheep. He owns the server and infrastructure the site sits on, designed the front-end (graphics etc), and generally tries to keep the members happy. :)

A brief history of FileSheep

FileSheep was first created in late 2003, by Sheep and FileTrekker. It was first hosted on a "50FREE" web hosting account, and as such, it frequently suffered major outages. In 2004, FileSheep aquired the URL and moved to its own paid hosting. FileSheep ran on IPB software, and became a thriving community based on a group of friends who just wanted a section of the internet to call their own; several key members included FileJune, Y2ktm2, Lt. Comm Breslin, SeVeReD, and Sadie, all of whom now have completely different usernames! Unfortunately, due to personal reasons FileSheep closed in late 2005.

Now we're back, and this time we have a purpose; to create the world's greatest php forum software. We hope to rebuild some of our community on the way, and make a new one too! So, feel free to register, say hi, and get involved in the development of FileSheep! - all the members of this board are welcome to contribute to our development and, one day, when we release our first public version, all our members will get a special thanks. :)